Digital Counter

Digital counter feature comparison table is here.



STF digital counter

 This model can display, and output analogue signal for, instantaneous and total flow rate at the same time. A model capable of being connected to a computer is available.

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MFD(Multi Function Display)

MFD(Multi Function Display)

The PC less pulse counter showing the Actual and Normal flow rate at the same time. It is easy to use by touch panel and easily setting.

■Normal correction value is from manually setting or pressure
   and temperaturesensors value(TEMP 2Ch·PS 1Ch).
■Measurement data is revised to exact correction value
   by deviation, water vapor correction and each sensors
   calibration value.
■MFD can store the measuring data to USB memory.
■MFD can provide an analog output the instantaneous and
   accumulate flow rate at the same time(choose actual or normal).



 PCI transmits pulse signal data to MS Excel. This enables easy management of data collection.

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