About Shinagawa

Company NameShinagawa Corporation
Office & factory location863 Oshitate, Inagi-shi, 206-0811 Tokyo, Japan
FoundingJune 3, 1986
About the business In addition to manufacturing and selling gas meters and associated equipment, Shinagawa Corporation provides calibration and repair services.

Shinagawa Corporation has a JCSS accredited laboratory (accredited by IAJapan, a signatory of the ILAC and APLAC MRA), and is certified to ISO17025:2017 and ISO9001:2015.
Number of employees20
Product lines●Reference standard wet gas meter
●Wet gas meter
 For calibration
 For experimentation (R&D/environmental measurement)
●Dry gas meter
 For city gas, propane (industrial/residential)
 For experimentation (R&D/environmental measurement)
●Odor meter
●Gas analyzer
●Gas hydrometer
●Gas meter accessories
 Auto leveler
 Digital counter
 Pressure sensor
 Temperature sensor
●System coordination
 Normal flow calculation system (precision flow meter)
 Meter for high pressure measurement
 Blow-by gas flow measurement equipment

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