Dry Gas Meter

Dry Gas Meter Characteristics

 This meter is of the volumetric positive displacement type. As such, almost all types of gas can be measured without influence from relative density, viscosity, etc. It does not moisten gas, so the measurement has no influence from vapor-pressure.

Dry Gas Meter Characteristics
	DC type for experience/environmental measurement

DC type for experimentation/environmental measurement

 Adoption of synthetic materials has led to a compact and easily portable meter. LCD digital thermometer is built-in as standard.

Type A has been discontinued for DC-1 and DC-2

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DS type for a large quantity flow rate and fixed installing by Gas pipe

DS type for large flow rate and fixed installation by gas pipe

 Although the standard connection is for for gas pipe, connector for rubber tube is available as an option. Da pulse detector is built-in as standard.

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D-NM type for high pressure gas measurement (as dry type)

D-NM type for high pressure gas measurement

 The case is designed for capacity to endure high pressure. It is both airtight and has excellent pressure-resistance.

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Packing size

 Specification for the boxes used in shipping of DC type gas meter. For other models, please contact us for specifications.

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